About me


I’ve been playing with computers since I was a kid and I love them! I began working in many internet providers and since then my experience in Linux/Unix environments has consolidated.

Now I could define myself as a Senior Linux/Unix Systems Engineer with high experience in Linux and Internet environments capable to handle almost any given situation. I generally use Open Source software as much as possible, but this does not prevent me to use proprietary one if it fits better my requirements.

I was born in Barcelona and although I’ve lived in Dublin, Tokyo and Berlin I’m currently back to my home city. I believe living in such different countries has taught me to have an open mind and to always see things in perspective.

I love traveling and I always try to do it as much as possible. When I do, I like to travel light, try to blend in the local culture and taste as many local food as possible. I also prefer simple, familiar and cozy accommodation over luxurious ones.


Online Japanese dictionary
JapanDict Blog
Blog about the Japanese language and culture
MSX vi
A vi text editor clone for the MSX 8-bit home computer
MSX application to download and install software from the internet
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Learn a new Japanese word every day
Un Mundo Interminable
Travel Blog
Visited countries
All the places in the world I’ve been to
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Puppet projects
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