Active projects

  • MSX vi – A vi text editor clone for the MSX 8-bit home computer
  • MSXHub – MSX application to download and install software from the internet
  • Puppet – Various Puppet related projects
  • JapanDict – Online Japanese dictionary
  • Learn Japanese – Learn Japanese vocabulary with Twitter.
  • monkey-backup – Multi-threaded backup system based on rdiff-backup
  • pyproctools – Various commandline tools to get info from /proc
  • splitdump – Splits in several files a MySQL dump file.
  • mysqlpdump – Script that uses several threads to run mysqldump faster.
  • ssshell – program for logging into a remote machine following a defined path. It connects sequentially to different hosts to reach the final destination.
  • apache-top – Realtime stats of any Apache httpd server
  • Clearlooks-NeXT – Gtk2 theme based in Clearlooks
  • Gnome Phone Control – Linux app to manage your phone from your computer and your computer from your phone (Coming Soon)
  • Don Simon – Simon game for Nintendo DS

Discontinued projects

Old projects

  • Nis – Gaim theme

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