Don Simon

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This is my first project for the Nintendo DS.

It is the famous Simon game and it makes use of the touch screen

The game logic is so simple. It generates a random sequence along the 4 lights, making a different sound on each one, and the player must repeat the same sequence.

Game features:

  • Save your records: play with friends and try to win them!
  • Great graphics based on the original Simon game.
  • Classic Simon sounds.
  • Uses the touch screen. It’s designed to play with your fingers, so you will not need the stylus to play.
  • Great effects like zoom and rotations.





Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License


  • Uri for the original idea
  • Simon Extreme for some graphics and sounds
  • Mollusk for creating the fantastic library PA_lib


  • November 14 2005 – Version 1.1
    • Solved a bug that maked impossible to play after turn 11. Thanks to Istar for founding it!
    • Solved a bug that maked impossible to save the score
    • New keyboard thanks to the last version of PA_lib
  • November 13 2005 – Version 1.0
    • First release

32 thoughts on “Don Simon

  1. Holaaa, al fin puedo hablar de desarrollo en NDS en español, hey porke no lo has posteado en proyectos en el foro de PALib???

    bueno yo actualice hoy el DrummerS, ya con funcion tactil.

    Eso que espero ver pronto ese Simon, sigue currando.


  2. Can anyone recommend an emulator that works best with this game?

  3. Thank you fr3nd, this is one of the best ideas to utilize the touch screen yet. Additionally it looks fantastic and has a very professional feel to it. It worked almost perfectly with a gbamp v2. The only problems were related to saving to the gbamp, causing it to lock up and requiring a reset after each round.

  4. Looks good!

    I just can´t load it to my DS unfortunately. I´m using the WiFi-Me method with a modified wifi driver. I can upload any demo that´s been released officially. Just yours doesn´t seem to work… :-(

    Any idea? I just see a scrambled Nintendo like black & white logo (the outlines are ok, but the writing is scrambled) and then it freezes to nirvana…

    Help appreciated!

    thanks in advance

  5. nuatilus: oops.. it seems a bug. But i don’t have a gbamp to test it… If you have some C skills you can take a look to the source code and try to find the error.

    Zorniki: with Wifime without Flashme you will only be able to load official demos. No homebrew will work in your ds without flashing. You can try other methods like Passme.

  6. Great Work, did my own Simon Clone for PC a while ago, but Toch-Screen-Support really adds that bonus-nostalgica feeling. What about supporting direct save to CF-Card for the GBAMPv2-Users?

  7. Andreas, i don’t own a GBAMPv2. I have a Supercard SD. Maybe someone wants to donate one? ;)

  8. Thanks for the help!

    What PassMe device would you guys recommend…oops may be a bit off-topic! sorry ;-)

  9. Hi i found an non big bug.
    when i am at turn 10 or higher. ( I have version 1.1)
    then the amount of time or turn dissapear i can keep on playing!!!
    also sometimes the graohics mess up but then i return and everything is rigyt again…
    p.s. it is a very VERY good game!!!

  10. This is very, VERY well coded!
    I like the game (always have :P), I like the animations, music, graphics and I _love_ the coding.
    Very well done!

    I’m mentioning this site and your game in my weblog soon (just to let you know that I’m spreading the word). :)

  11. Dude… There’s GOTTA be a way to do this stuff over WifiMe! Without FlashMe! PLEASE SOMEONE FIGURE IT OUT IM EVIL WHEN IM ANGRY!!!

  12. Hello,

    Just downloaded, using Supercard CF, rom 1.61. The game loads (I didn’t pass it through the Supercard software), the logo appears, I can click on the touch screen to get to the menu (the 4 boxes), but then the touch screen does not work at all. I can not “start game”, “help” or nothing.

    I’ve also tried with ROM 1.60, same behaviour. I have 3 Supercard CF, none of them work.

    Any ideas ? Thanks!

  13. Hello… same problem here, I cannot click on “start game” or any other button :(

    See you…

  14. chyc, DiGGer2: Strange problem… I also have the supercard and it worked for me when I released the game. Anyway i don’t mantain this game anymore. I wrote it some time ago and I don’t have neither the time nor the motivation. I’m sorry about that.

  15. so, you may wanna try SConv by sata (sconv or scconv, dont know.)

    google it. I didnt test this

  16. I like this game, it’s wonderful.
    I try to compile it,and got some problem.
    Would you please tell me what version of the tool kit you use to compile it.
    (include devKitARM, libnds, PALib etc.)

  17. hola,
    la verdad es que me he quedado un poco con las ganas: no consigo hacer que se inicie en un supercard lite.

    Alguna actualizacion?

  18. Hi I try your game on R4 Revolution SDHC with 2Gb Kingston.
    The game at start ask if i want to format cartidge.
    I answer NO, then apper 1 Screenshots.
    I can click on the touch screen to get to the menu (the 4 boxes), but then the touch screen does not work at all. I can not “start game”, “help” or nothing.
    Do you know why ?
    Thank in advantage

  19. Max: You have to say YES to format it. I know it looks scary, but it’s 100% safe. This warning is because at the time I wrote the game, the way the saves worked was completely different.

  20. Hi, thank for your reply.
    I try it again. But version 1.1 don’t work.
    I try version 1.0 and it work fine.
    I wrote the game on card, the I deleted file .sav
    When I lunched the game first time, asked me if i wont create the sav file, I answered Create, then appears black screen, and i read istruction. Press A to format sdram. A pressed the A button, the game start and work fine.
    Thank you very much.
    Max from Italy Rome
    P.S: Sorry for my english

  21. Like Max Using R4 Revolution SDHC downloaded V1.1 cbut omes up with save/bookmark file damaged please receate when try to run it, press OK nothing happened, where can i try V1.0 cant find a link


  22. HI Max thanks for link but still not having any luck which version of r4 firmware are you using, get screen up but cant press any buttons thanks again

  23. Hi, Neil
    I’ve R4 Revolution SDHC with firmware “R4 SDHC v1.23 kernel 2008-10-23” my memoey card is 2GB Kingston, here below the links where I had downloaded firmware, but this site is often say “service unvalible”, but if you try to update with F5 button in 15-20 minutes you receve the page for download.
    Index link page in English
    Page to download
    Direct download

    Max from Italy Rome

  24. Hola a todos !!! me he descargado este maravilloso juego para la Nintendo DS, pero tego un problema, no me funciona la función táctil en mi Nintendo, poseo una tarjeta N5 que creo que es parecida a una R4, alguien sabe que puede pasar? este es uno de mis juegos preferidos y estoy deseando poder jugar con la Nintendo DS.

    Un saludo.

  25. This game looks like exactly what I’m looking for; thanks, fr3nd! But I have yet to be able to make it work past turn 10 or so. Version 1.1 locks up my entire DS at around that point, and 1.0 stops playing the sequence and expects me to guess what was added. Cyclo 1.55

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