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Please, note that this plugin is now discontinued and unmantained. I have no more time to develop it and there are better plugins which do the same. I recomend you this one:


This perl plugin shows a mini window in a corner of the screen when a buddy logs in in any account like MSN Messenger. It shows also an icon with the protocol it uses.


  • 11-02-2004
    This plugin is now unmantained
  • 14-10-2003
    Creation of the website and first public version


Popup window with MSN contact

Popup window with ICQ contact
Popup window with IRC contact and custom background



:: FAQ

  • Can you please tell me how to modify the code of popupwin to modify the size of the box? :)You can’t directly modify the size of the window. It gets the size from the pixmap. But you could load a new pixmap with the size you want. Simply save it anywhere as xpm and change the variable $background in popupwin. It must point the the full path to the file.
  • The font used is too small and ugly. How can i change it?Open popupwin and change the variable $font with apropiate font string. You can use xfontsel to find the apropiate font string.
  • How can i activate the antialias?You can’t until the gtk2 port is finished.


  • Don’t show popup windows on connection
  • Use only one perl file
  • Port to Gtk2



Patches are welcome

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