Have you ever need to use something like that to connect to a host?

[user1@localhost ~]$ ssh host1
Last login: Wed Apr  4 16:21:03 2007
[user1@host1]$ ssh web1 -l user2
Last login: Tue Apr  3 10:07:09 2007

Now you can do it just using one command:

[user1@localhost ~]$ sssh web1
Last login: Tue Apr  3 10:07:09 2007


ssshell is a program for logging into a remote machine following a defined path.
It connects sequentially to different hosts to reach the final destination.

You can create easily connection trees like this one:

You can also configure aliases for hosts, so you don’t need to type all the hostname or remember the ip address.


Just run as root:

python install

You will need to define a config file. ssshell can create a predefined config
file for you using the following command:

sssh -u > ~/.sssh

Then edit it with your own preferences.





ssshell uses GNU/GPL License

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