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Learn Japanese vocabulary everyday with Twitter! We will post a word per day written in Kanji, Hiragana/Katakana, Romaji and it’s English translation.

This is the easiest way to learn Japanese vocabulary. Just focus to one word everyday and you’ll improve your vocabulary much faster than you think.

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

The characters are not showing on my computer, what do i do?

Your computer probably lacks support for Japanese fonts. Wikipedia has a really good article explaining how to install them. Check it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Multilingual_support_(East_Asian)

Those words are too easy for me. Can you post more difficult ones?

For the moment I’m just focusing on JLPT 4 and maybe some JLPT 3 words.

Are you Japanese?

No, I’m not.

Why did you start this?

I started learning Japanese and I thought it was a good idea for learning new vocabulary.

Can I ask you a question?

Sure! Leave a comment here or send me a reply on Twitter.

Could you give me the Japanese word for XXXX (put any English word here)

Please use a Japanese dictionary for that.

Where do you get the translations from?

EDICT is a free japanese-english online dictionary. I’m getting the content from there.

Are you human?

I’m half human half robot :]

9 thoughts on “Learn Japanese

  1. The font works on my computer, but is there any way for me to get it on my phone (Sidekick 2008). All it shows is blanks.

  2. Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t help you with that… You should check if your phone supports japanese characters…

  3. Hi, I love your Japanese Tweets.
    They come up perfectly in my Twtiiter page, but I genreally use TweetDeck and your tweets don’t show properly in TweetDeck. It does not show the kanji or hiragana.

    Is there something I can do about this? I would read your tweets more often if I could read them in TweetDeck


  4. Thank you for the great twitter account *___*

    I’ve searched long time for a page which can teach me a bit japanese…I hope to find the right one now.

    arigatou gozimasu <3

  5. I really enjoy your twitter page. Great for beginners! I have started a new site dedicated to those just starting to learn Japanese. Check it out at http://www.Konnichiwhat.com.

    I also just recently opened a twitter page with Japanese phrases translated. @Daily_Japanese check it out!


  6. I have a picture in my living room that my husbands GrandMother made many years ago. She embroidered a picture of an eagle in a tree.. above the eagle is what looks to me like Japanese.. I’d really really love to know what it says or means.. if I show you a picture could you please tell me?

    https://i243.photobucket.com/albums/ff20/jollyjas/9.jpg < — the picture.

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